Your Partnership as a Volunteer Service Organization with the V&B Family


The Mission of Vine & Branch Family Volunteer Service Organization Partnership Initiative is to support Volunteer Service Organizations through participation in the Vine & Branch Best Practice Group Incentive Program by providing:
  • Recognition and advocacy for volunteer service work Training, and in some cases financial assistance, Synchronization of efforts with other organizations both locally and nationally.
  • Help promote your organization’s specific services both locally and nationally to Veterans and their Families.
  • Exposure for the organization's mission when military families relocate to the community.
  • Potential to learn from, serve, and share your knowledge with others.
    Note: Vine & Branch Ranch is under development. Please see our 5 year Campaign Plan.


Current Reality:
  • You are always competing for the same donors, grants, etc. with many other non-profit organizations Recruiting and retaining quality volunteers is often difficult and time consuming. Distinguishing your organization from other non-profits is difficult.
  • Ensuring volunteers are professional is challenging
  • You want to reach out to the military culture but aren’t sure how to do it.
  • You may not know that “mission-focused” military Families make great volunteers.
  • You probably want to get more involved with your community for many reasons, but aren’t sure how to do it.


The Vine & Branch Family Volunteer Service Organization Partnership Vision envisions the mutual furthering of both organizations’ missions through synchronizing efforts to change your current reality while enriching the lives of Veterans and their Family Members.

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Why Does Vine & Branch Place Such Importance on Partnering with Volunteer Organizations (VSO’s):



Finances / Philanthropy

Whether large or small, every VSO must contend in some form with finances. Either the organization has all the money it needs and must find ways to spend it on different philanthropies or the organization is on the verge of shutting its doors. If the “books” are in the black, Vine & Branch applauds you!

If you lead a smaller VSO, you are probably contending with a lack of funds, and your books are starving for the next grant. In fact, much of your valuable time is most likely spent in some form with raising the funds needed to keep your valuable organization in service! Bluntly speaking, your situation is dire when grants or donations from the community, state, or Federal Government dry up. You must cut services, diminishing the organization's impact at best and shutting your doors at worst. You might be able to find better ways to market the organization so the community sees the value you provide.



Influential Connections with Employers, Families, and Communities Depend on Credibility and Leveraging Resources

The cohort that Tom Brokaw named the “Greatest Generation” is known for many accomplishments, most notably surviving the Great Depression and then going on to win WWII. They grew up and survived in a very scary time for our country.

Many of the larger Veterans Service Organizations serving today were born out of this “Greatest Generation.” Their influence is forever woven into the fabric of American society. These organizations naturally provided connections with employers, families, communities, and Churches of all denominations, leveraging the people around them for support.

Sadly, as this generation ages, many of the organizations that it created are now shrinking in number and in influence. The volunteer spirit of this generation has begun to die off along with its representation in government. Families are becoming more mobile and many smaller VSO’s are having a harder time establishing and fostering relationships with their surrounding communities. A “like” or “share” on Facebook or “Tweet” on Twitter is good for spreading information but a poor substitute for an actual relationship.

For the past 15 years, our country has experienced a groundswell of patriotism and support for Veterans and their Family members that miraculously crosses political party lines. Due to recent prolonged wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, many new VSO’s are being created at an astonishing rate, and volunteerism is at an all time high. This is a good thing!

The Vine and Branch Family believes that integrating Volunteer Service Organizations with Certified Counselors, Employers, and Real Estate Agents as part of a well organized and mutually beneficial partnership is essential for assisting Veterans and their family members.

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Training / Education

Volunteers today are expected to be professional and motivated. The long term stability of VSOs depends on it! When volunteer professionals are trained and receive continuing education in the areas your VSO sees as important, you are likely to quickly capture and maintain interest in your organization.

Vine & Branch believes that being part of a professional Volunteer Service Organization should also be fun!

Through partnership with Vine & Branch, members of your organization will have access to Vine and Branch Ranch at no cost. Access means vacation, training, and exposure to other organizations and individuals assisting Veterans and their Family members.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.

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