Vine & Branch Ranch (NFP)

The Mission of Vine & Branch Ranch (NFP) is to ally with private industry, Churches, volunteer service organizations, educational institutions, and healthcare providers to create an atmosphere that encourages growth, relaxation, healing, understanding, and networking for our Partner Veterans and their Family Members.

Vine & Branch Ranch (NFP) will train our Partners to to understand and confront the cultural, health, and employment related complexities generated from military service. At Vine & Branch Ranch, our valued Partners will experience:
  • Specialized individual and group counseling opportunities.
  • World class ranch style vacation at no cost.
  • An atmosphere that facilitates creativity and relaxation for everyone.
  • Training and education designed to solve our Partner’s real world problems.
  • The best practices of our visitors to the Ranch for well rounded and lasting growth.
  • Training that will positively impact any community or organization working with Veterans and their Families.
  • Strengthening of mind, body, and soul.
  • Continuity of care for Veterans and their Family Members after a vacation is complete through our Best Practice Group Program.
  • Strengthening mind, body, and soul.
V&B Ranch is under development. Please see our 5 year Campaign Plan.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.


Current Reality:
  • Research has shown that the integrated approach to care is the most effective in helping people and families.
  • Nothing exists or even resembles the Vine & Branch model for helping Veterans, their Families, and the public.
  • The “integrated care” concept is generally limited to individual health care and must be expanded.
  • “Continuity of care” for both medical and mental health concerns is dependent on affordability.
  • The “total person,” “total family,” and “total community” concepts are ignored, especially when involving Veterans.
  • There is a cultural misunderstanding between Veterans, citizens, the business community, and politicians that must be solved.
  • The average cost for an all-inclusive “dude ranch vacation” in Colorado is between $2-4K per person per week, well beyond the means of most Americans, especially considering the quality programs and amenities that Vine & Branch Family envisions.
  • There are many great programs helping Veterans; however, their benefits are typically limited in scope and by community, availability, and geography.

Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP) Vision

Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP) envisions a cohesive and mutually beneficial network between and among our Partners and Churches, Volunteer Service Organizations, Businesses, and Health Care Providers that’s also independent of insurance companies and government grants.

The Vine and Branch Ranch will also become a center for health care professionals, Clergy, Volunteer Organizations, and corporate leaders to benefit from and learn about Veteran and Family care issues. They will become advocates for change through participation in our Best Practices Group.

We believe that our guests are best cared for when individuals from differing backgrounds work together in order to create a holistic environment that fosters and sustains lasting growth, awareness, and healing through combining vacation activities, with both conventional and non conventional therapeutic interventions.

If you can imagine what it will be like to take a free, “all-inclusive” vacation at a beautiful ranch, a ranch where you can receive counseling and or training from highly dedicated professionals, you have a vision for the Vine and Branch Ranch.

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Need For a Different Approach:

Most not-for-profits and professional counseling practices assisting Veterans and their families are very good at what they do; however, they are typically limited to specific problem sets and often compete for funding. Their efforts are unsynchronized and fragmented due to regional funding availability and proximity to their client base. I was told this concept would fail, but as a Veteran I see the bigger picture. I hope you do to!



Integrated Care Defined

Integrated Care as Defined by V&B: Guests are best cared for when counselors, physicians, clergy, employers, educational institutions, volunteer service organizations , and leisure industry professionals create a holistic environment that fosters and sustains lasting growth, awareness, and healing through combining vacation activities, with both conventional and non-conventional therapeutic interventions. Success of integrated care is dependent on active participation and training / equipping of Veterans, their families, employers, Churches, VSO’s, and healthcare providers. Care is tailored to guest’s needs instead of rigid strategies. Instead, “technical eclecticism” is preferred.



Integrated Care Benefits & Constraints

  • More hours with clients
  • Independence from Insurance
  • Creative interventions
  • Creation is enjoyed
  • No cookie cutter approach
  • Everyone learns; everyone benefits
  • Leverage Everything
  • Discount Nothing
  • Tailored approach for guests
  • Care for our staff
  • Follow on care post V&B with partnered V&B organizations
  • Intentional
  • Training Opportunities for partnered organizations and individuals
  • Funds raised though V&B Career Solutions LLC and donations from many partnered organizations.
  • Expensive
  • Labor intensive
  • New & Untested Concept



Interested in seeing how your specific organization can benefit from partnering with the V&B Family? If yes, please visit our Best Practice Group (BPG) Collaboration link below.

Best Practice Group (BPG) Collaboration



Ranch Conceptualization

Please share in what we think a visit to V&B Ranch will look like Ranch Visualization with V&B

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The Potential

V&B Ranch Potential





The Ranch is currently in the development phase. If you have an interest in The Ranch, Click Here to Contact Us.