How Vine & Branch Functions


How V&B Functions
  • Vine and Branch, in partnership with the business community, assist Veteran Partners and their families in the career search.
  • Assist with relocation efforts and community integration if needed.
  • Assist Veteran Partners with networking efforts.
  • Refine efforts as needs of Veterans, Families, Communities, and Employers change.

  • 50% of NFP revenue generated by Career Solutions, LLC.
  • Find Best Practice Group Members as part of normal operations.
  • Career Solutions continually refines its practices to better serve communities, Veterans, their families, and employers.
  • 50% of Ranch revenue generated by community donations or from smaller companies that cannot afford to pay traditional career
    placement commissions.
  • Cultural sharing and understanding.
  • Training and Vacation for Veterans, their families, and Best Practice Members.
  • Relationship healing & building


Best Practice Group

Purpose: Best Practice Groups (BPGs) create and implement community based, tailored, and essential programs and strategies, holistically assisting Veterans, their Families, and local communities.

Why Are BPGs Necessary?
The news regularly reports on Veteran and Family issues such as suicide, PTSD, homelessness, joblessness, and Veteran Affairs (VA) shortfalls. There are many non-profit programs and employers doing great things in support of Veterans and Families. However,most of these efforts are not well integrated at both the local or national levels. Efforts are not mutually supportive. V&B believes that local Best Practice Groups (BPGs), supported by Ranch (NFP) and Career Solutions (LLC), will be a cohesive, holistic force in changing many of the negative trends in the news.

Vine & Branch believes that local BPGs in will provide a vital link between organizations, Veterans, their Families, the Family, and the community. First, BPG Members are Veteran Partners chosen representatives, and they represent the partner organizations. Lastly, if working with Veterans and their Family Members, on either a personal or professional level interests you, becoming part of a local Best Practice Group (BPG) effort is most likely a good fit.

Participation as a BPG Member is free. BPG Members receive beneficial training and networking opportunities through association with Career Solutions (LLC) and Ranch (NFP). During a vacation at Ranch, BPG Members will naturally learn from being immersed into Veteran & Family Culture. BPG Members will have the opportunity to both attend and lead seminars that address a range of topics and concerns. Career Solutions (LLC) will seek to harness the training and lessons learned by matching the right Veterans and Families to the right companies and communities.

Vine & Branch envisions local Best Practice Groups organizing in similar ways as many of the current, well-recognized, and reputable NFP’s throughout our country. They all have local chapters and varying degrees of interaction with their parent organizations., and our community-oriented and local Best Practice Groups will be the same.

How ’s BPGs relate to existing services and other NFPs
Whatever organizational or structural relationship of support is created between the Family and locally established BPGs, you can be assured of the following:

  • The Vine and Branch Family and our associated BPG’s will never compete with existing Non Profits.
  • The Vine and Branch Family and our associated BPG’s will assist local non-profits and other organizations that support Veteran and Family efforts in any way possible. Possibilities will generally include: training, awareness, and financial assistance.
  • The larger Vine and Branch parent organization will never require dues of our Best Practice Group members.

An organization can expect a tangible return on a BPG investment in several ways. It will have a better understanding of Veteran and Family concerns through local grassroots efforts.It will build relationships and bring people together toward common goals. And as BPG membership grows within the community, the opportunities for networking and more successful Veteran and Family transitions increase. Lives change as organizations and surrounding communities grow and are connected to Veterans, their Family Members, and each other.

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