Your Partnership as a Real Estate Agent with the V&B Family


The Mission of Vine & Branch Family Real Estate Agent & Broker Partnership Initiative is to realize and then capitalize on our naturally shared efforts, as they relate to assisting Veterans and their Family Members. Vine & Branch will support Real Estate Agents through their participation in our Best Practice Group Incentive Program by providing:
  • Pre-qualified Veterans and Family Members who are interested in finding a home.
  • Deeper connections to the local community.
  • Training that helps you better identify with Veterans and their Families.
  • Advertisement at no cost.
  • Potential tax reduction and income generation opportunities through relationship with V&B Ranch (NFP) and V&B Career Solutions (LLC).
  • Opportunity for Veterans and their Family Members to network and learn more about your agency
    Note: V&B Ranch is under development. Please see our 5 year Campaign Plan for V&B Ranch (NFP)


Current Reality:
  • You are always looking for the best lead generation tools.
  • You desire to form and maintain long-term relationships with Clients for future business.
  • Distinguishing yourself among agents is a must.
  • There’s often pressure to reduce commissions Building a solid referral base is difficult Tax liability is always a concern.
  • You might have limited experience working with Military Families.
  • Lack of Military Cultural Experience can limit your ability to compete with other agents / brokers.

The Vine & Branch Family Family Real Estate Agent & Broker Partnership Initiativeenvisions the benefit of working together to change your current reality, while also enriching the lives of Veterans and their Family Members.

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Vine & Branch Family Real Estate Agent & Broker Partnership Program

Expand your client base, experience, and credibility with Veterans and their Family Members.
As a Real Estate Agent Partner, you will have access to Veterans and their Families moving into and out of your area.
Interested? Please Click Here to Contact Us. Your agency will greatly expand its advertising and networking reach at no cost. Participation in both our Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP) and Vine and Branch Career Solutions (LLC) is at no cost.

The possibility also exists for you to earn additional revenue as V&B Career Solutions (LLC) seeks to place Veterans and their Families into new career / educational opportunities.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.





Puppy Mill Approach

Puppy Mill Approach Most headhunting agencies use a “puppy mill approach” to find talented Veterans for the companies they represent. These agencies will typically review and assist an individual with (not sure how to change for correct spelling) preparation, conduct one or two assessment phone calls during the hiring process, and then schedule hiring conferences at large hotels. The process is typically impersonal. Veterans then conduct interviews with companies they may or may not know much about with the hope of finding a job. They often have to relocate their families if they do secure employment.

These headhunting agencies do not advocate for a Veteran’s housing needs during the job search process as it’s simply outside the scope of their work. Sadly, they are often shortsighted when placing Veterans. In the same way, most Real Estate Agents simply aren’t attuned to the needs of Veterans and their Families.

The Vine & Branch Family only partners with Agents and Brokers that care about and advocate for Veterans and their Families.



Great Agents Solve Problems

Vine & Branch believes that great Real Estate Agents naturally enjoy coming up with creative solutions to solve problems. By nature, Veterans and their Family members are the same way. The questions and complications that arise during a career change and move can be daunting because there is a lack of expertise. But that’s what Real Estate Agents have and what Vine and Branch Career Solutions envisions offering the Veterans and Families it serves.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.



Self Motivated

Great Real Estate Agents are driven, naturally motivated to help people, , and like to control their own professional destinies. The agents Vine & Branch Partners with are not only motivated by profit but also by a natural desire to help people.



Honesty and Integrity

The Vine and Branch Family cannot survive without relationships built on integrity, respect, and trust. As successful Real Estate Agents, we know you can’t survive without these qualities as well.

Like our partnered Counselors who are members of the American Counseling Association, our partnered Realtors are members of the National Association of REALTORS®. These two organizations demand the highest ethical standards of their members. Partnered Counselors and Real Estate Agents adhere to Vine & Branch Code of Ethics standards, as well. They are standards that Vine & Branch Veterans and Families believe in. Because Vine & Branch Career Consulting is a startup agency, it is not yet accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it’s in the process of receiving accreditation.




Real Estate Agents are tenacious by nature and do not take “no” for an answer. Our Military Families don’t take “no” for an answer either. The Military culture breeds and embraces tenacity as essential for mission success. Our Partnered Agents work tirelessly to market properties and close deals on both sides of a move! They are determined to ensure that Veterans and their Family Members are informed and that their interests are always represented.  



Engaging Personality

Veterans and their Family Members are well-traveled and typically move every three years between duty stations around the world. Because Veterans and their Families are so well-traveled, they quickly form lasting bonds with new coworkers and friends. Generally speaking, they will make quick judgments about your personality and professionalism.

Great Agents, just like successful Military Families, are good at selling themselves and quickly forming long and lasting relationships. We strive to find Agents that are successful with winning and authentic personalities. Vine & Branch encourages agents that fit this description to consider partnering today.



Attention to Detail

Military culture lends itself to attention to detail. Lives and missions depend on it! Attention to detail is also imperative for great Real Estate Agents. If you are not organized in your presentations, contract negotiations, photos, and so on., our Veterans and their Family Members will not feel comfortable with their moves, nor will they gain the full benefit of using Vine and Branch’s services. Our partnered agents are sticklers for detail and thrive on getting the small things right the first time.



Understanding Local Housing Markets

Vine and Branch will help Real Estate Agents develop a niche within their local markets with a dependable, financially sound, and creditworthy client base, many of whom are qualified for VA lending assistance. Veterans and their Family Members are moving in and out of local markets every day! Let Vine & Branch Family help develop lasting relationships between Veterans and their Families.



Building Relationships Through Tireless Networking Efforts:

Great Real Estate Agents are naturals at building connections in their local communities. Vine & Branch knows this. Great Agents also know the local housing market, brokers, buyers, sellers, and even potential employers. Great Agents and Brokers also have a solid pulse on what makes a community unique and enjoyable. The bottom line is that Vine and Branch knows that partnering with Real Estate Agents and Brokers is integral to a Military Family successfully transitioning to a new community, career, and new life experience.



Mutual Goals Between Agents and the Vine & Branch Family

  • Desire to serve your communities
  • Care for people
  • Love of country
  • Respect for Veterans and their Families
  • Free advertising and networking
  • Expanded market share