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Current challenges for you and your Family:

The V&B Family of solutions:


Current Challenges for Veterans and Family Members:

Lack of “Roots” Outside of the Military

At some point in your military career you were forced to transplant from one community to another.

You had questions about your new job such as: What’s the working environment like? Will my new colleagues understand where I’m coming from? What will the expectations be for a new job and new friends?

Additionally,, you and your family inevitably had questions about moving to a new community: Where are the best schools? Churches? Social clubs? Housing? The list could go on forever, but the point is that you want to put roots down in the right spot.

Military vs. Civilian Culture and Fear of Transition

Vine & Branch makes a big distinction between Military and Civilian Cultures. One culture is not better than the other; they are simply different. Failure to put differences into perspective inevitably causes mistrust, failed relationships, and missed opportunities. For example, look at the words and phrases below; they probably mean something different to you than they do for your civilian friends. Ask them!

You might even have a different idea based off of your service branch experience.

  • Mission accomplishment
  • Grooming Standards
  • Being on time
  • Order
  • Being in the field
  • Taking a Cruise
  • Leadership
  • Leave
  • Promotion Points
  • Pre Combat Inspections
  • Chain of Command
  • Police Call
  • I got your 6
  • Polish the head
  • Report of Survey
  • Rehearsal
  • F&^%$#G New Guy
  • UCMJ

Family Stress

Moving causes every family stress. There are considerations such as school changes for the kids, financial constraints, and changes in social support networks... Maybe your non-military spouse is now taking the lead in career planning and “bringing home the bacon.” Because you are a Military Family, finding credible advice for many of your decisions is very difficult because most of the people around you haven’t walked in your shoes.

But we have! Let us help.

Medical Concerns

Medical concerns are broad and include both your physical and mental well-being. Missing the camaraderie of other Veterans who are dealing with the same problems might even be having a serious impact on how you feel about yourself. Consequently, your ability to find and excel in any career or job can be negatively impacted.

If you have family members with long term medical conditions, chances are that these conditions will affect your decisions regarding future career or job moves.,These challenges were often addressed and fixed by your Chain of Command or controlling branch while you were in the military; But in the civilian workforce, they are not always taken into consideration.

Vine & Branch Career Solutions strives to cultivate relationships with businesses of all sizes and sectors to ensure that both your needs and potential are understood and appreciated.

Translating Military Terms Into “Civilian Speak”

Has it been easy to create a resume for a civilian position?? How many times have you been given conflicting advice? Have you “mastered the art” of condensing all of your military experiences into one sheet of paper yet? If so you are about 30% of the way to reaching your goal!

It’s the other 70% that takes even more work and careful consideration, especially if you desire a long-term career.


Vine & Branch Career Solutions for Veterans and Family Members:

Command Sponsorship Approach to Partnership

Do you remember when you and your family received orders for a move? If you were going to a good unit, there was someone usually on the far side assisting you.
Vine and Branch Career Solutions believes in a Command Sponsorship Approach to assist our members with any career transition. Whether you are moving across the county or across the country, Vine & Branch Career Solutions is here to help.

We foster a network of relationships between Real Estate Agents, Counselors, and Volunteer Service Organizations who are dedicated to serving Veterans and their Family Members. Our partners serve in your current community and within the community in which you hope to move.

Let us take the stress out of moving and establishing new relationships.

Our services are provided at no cost. We are paid by an employer when we find you a new job.

Manage Your Own Profile and Control Your Future

If you are concerned about spending countless hours to craft the perfect resume for each potential job lead, let Vine and Branch Career Solutions help you.

As a Veteran or Family Member, you naturally have a wide range of experiences that you “bring to the table.” Maybe you are retired and have worked across multiple civilian career fields and are having trouble articulating 20 years of service into a one page resume. Or, maybe you are Military Family Member “dependent” and want to start your career now that military moves are no longer a burden.

You need a way to articulate who you are and what you offer an employer.

Our Personal Profile Management Experience is exclusive to V&B Career Solutions. You create your personal profile. Your profile is viewed by potential employers, Real Estate Agents, Counselors, and select Volunteer Service Organizations to accurately convey your goals, concerns, and professional experiences as they change. You control both access and information, very much like today’s social media sites. We ensure that the right people, in the right places, and at the right time get to know who you are and what you have to offer.

Your profile is good for life and we will help you maintain it. Remember, we provide services for both Veterans and their immediate family members for life.

Owned and Operated Solely by Veterans and Military Family Members

Vine & Branch Career Solutions employs only Veterans and their Family Members. We do this in order to ensure that our employees have the same qualities that you do. Our Veterans and their Family Members know military culture and have already experienced transition to the civilian world.

Our partnered Counselors, Real Estate Agents, and Volunteer Service Organizations (VSO’s) might not all have military experience; however, they all possess a vested interest with ensuring that you and your family is well cared for during transition to a new job or area. As partners, they are also committed to partnering with the Veteran and Family community both nationally and locally.

Building Lifetime Friendships and Business Partners

We believe searching for a new career or job, either across the street or across the country, is a lifelong process that requires trusting relationships and the tools to make smart choices.

Let V&B partner with you and your family for life, and be a part of something bigger than simply finding your next career or job.

Bridging the Gap Between Military and Civilian Culture

One of the biggest concerns we hear about from our partnered Veterans, Family Members, and Employers revolves around potential misunderstandings between military and civilian cultures. People simply do not trust what they haven’t experienced or do not fully understand.

Rest assured, any fear you have is natural and can be overcome! Our team of compassionate and fully qualified Counselors, Real Estate Agents, and Volunteer Service Organizations stand ready to provide timely assistance and personal connections that will help you learn new cultures, both in your new job and within your new community.

Vine and Branch Ranch

Vine and Branch Career Solutions (LLC) is not just a simple career placement agency.

We have a broader mission and are in the process of creating Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP).

Even if you do choose to work with another Career Placement Agency, we at V&B Career Solutions wish you all of the best.

However, we ask that you help us network to make Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP) a reality. You, your company, your community, and both fellow Veterans and their Family Members will greatly benefit from your willingness to help us make Vine & Branch Ranch (NFP).