Your Partnership as an Employer with the V&B Family


The Mission of Vine & Branch Family Employer Partnership Initiative Mission is to support employer through participation in our Best Practice Group Incentive Program by providing:
  • Best, most qualified, and culturally matched new hires for the organization.
  • Deeper connections to the local community.
  • Quantifiable return on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.
  • Training that helps businesses gain and retain quality talent.
  • Free vacation at Vine & Branch Ranch (NPF) as part of a Best Practice Group.
  • Advertisement at no cost.
  • Potential tax reduction opportunity.
  • Opportunity for Veterans and their Family Members to learn about industries and products.
    Note: V&B Ranch is under development. Please see our 5 year Campaign Plan.


Current Reality:
  • Finding culturally matched and qualified employees is time consuming and usually expensive.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the community and customer base is often difficult.
  • CSR efforts are rarely quantifiable, nor do they usually have a positive and direct impact to the bottom line.
  • Businesses wonder if training practices need improvement.
  • Advertisement is rarely free, difficult depending on your company’s size, and requires a constant flow of new ideas.
  • Businesses are always looking for new ways to lower tax liability.
  • Businesses know it’s advantageous to hire Veterans but find it difficult to recruit them for various reasons.
  • Résumés and qualifications do not always equal great and profitable working relationships.


Vine & Branch Family Employer Partnership Vision: The Employer Partnership Program exists to support the country's job creators, regardless of size and industry type not only by finding the right people for the job but also by setting the conditions for generating new ideas and new relationships that help companies become more profitable.

What makes hiring a Veteran or member of their immediate family highly desirable?

  • Veterans and their Family Members are well traveled and multicultural by nature.
  • Veterans and their Family Members are natural leaders, and volunteers within their communities.
  • Veterans are typically adaptive and visionary in their thinking, despite traditional stereotypes.
  • Veterans and their Family Members have career experiences that transcend multiple fields of expertise, making them valuable team players. Please play the take a look at our Military Terminology Decipher gamefor an example.
  • Veterans and their Family Members are creative, innovative, and adaptive by nature.
  • Veterans and their family members generally live very active and healthy lifestyles.

Your company’s lifetime relationship with Vine and Branch

Vine and Branch believes that every meaningful relationship is based on trust, performance, understanding, and longevity. We also know that every business has a culture that continually evolves to meet both customer and employee needs. Like a good friend, we are here to support you through the years.

What can your company expect from a relationship with Vine and Branch? The answer is simple. You can expect Vine & Branch to furnish your business with Veterans and or their Family Members who are career focused, while also being highly qualified team players. A relationship with the Vine & Branch Family means deeper connections to your local community and access to new ideas that will help your company grow.

A relationship with Vine & Branch Family also includes participation if desired in what we call Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP). Vine & Branch Ranch is a new concept that we believe strongly in. Please check our site out if you have the time.



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What Makes Vine & Branch Different Than Other Career Placement Agencies?


Puppy Mill Approach

Puppy Mill ApproachMost “head hunting” agencies use what is called the “puppy mill approach” to finding talented Veterans for your company. These agencies will typically review and assist an individual with resume preparation and conduct one or two assessment phone calls. These “puppy mills” will then schedule some hiring conferences at large hotels, where nervous job seekers conduct a few interviews with companies they may or may not know much about. Furthermore, companies are all too often making important hiring decisions derived simply from resumes and references. Don’t buy a puppy from a puppy mill!  



Use of Counselors, Real Estate Agents, & Volunteer Service Organizations:

Counselors with V&BThe Vine & Branch Family is currently developing a network certified Counselors, Real Estate Agents, and Volunteer Service Organizations to assist both Veterans and their Family Members during transitional periods. These professionals work with Vine & Branch clients to ensure that personal and family considerations are addressed prior to and during the hiring process. Vine and Branch’s use of professional Counselors, Real Estate Agents, and Volunteer Service Organizations in your area is both unique and vital for success in finding the right fit for your company.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon



Resume and Military Record Comparison

Critical information presented within military evaluation reports is often difficult, potentially stressful, and always time consuming for Veterans to convey to the employer. Human Resource Managers are usually unfamiliar with a Military Evaluation Report’s context and terminology. Partnership with Vine & Branch Career Consultants will ensure untapped potential is never missed.



Full spectrum career placement:

The Employers, Veterans, and Families Vine & Branch represents expect more than a simple, one-time hiring experience. They want something better!

As employers, you desire individuals that are not only qualified on paper but who will also successfully fit within your company’s culture., You might even have concerns about hiring a Veteran. Butt Veterans and their Families want to work for companies that are honorable, profitable, mission-focused, and trustworthy. They are natural leaders within the organizations and communities they serve.

Vine and Branch looks at the big picture when matching your company to the amazing Veterans and Families it is privileged to represent.



Use of Proven Career Interest Testing and Counseling

Vine & Branch uses highly effective career interest evaluations and experienced Licensed Professional Counselors as part of its unique 5 Session Career Counseling Program. This one-of-a-kind testing and counseling program ensure that both Veterans and their Family Members are prepared to work with and become a part of your company.

It’s Vine & Branch’s deeply held belief that achievements in the workforce are a direct result of success within the community and home. As such, Vine and Branch Career Solutions (LLC) provides five counseling sessions for each Veteran and immediate Family Member at no cost after placement.



Continuing Education Preparation and Partnership

Please take a look at our Best Practice Group Incentive Program. Learning is a lifelong process, both for successful individuals and for companies. Veterans and Families have much to learn from your organization’s culture and structure. Conversely, there are many new and beneficial ideas you might glean from Veterans and their Family Members as your organization looks for new ways to grow and expand.

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.



Vine and Branch Career Solution Costs

Vine and Branch Career Solutions (LLC) charges our Employer Partners 30% initial first year salary.

For companies that pay workers hourly, Vine and Branch receives 30% commission fee based on a 40-hour work week., . Alternatively, your company can make a charitable and tax deductible donation to Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP). Remember, our goal is to foster relationships over the long term that benefit both your business, Veterans, and their Families.

Our Vine & Branch affiliated Counselors ensure more productive and better suited employees for your organization than our competitors. The end result is less turnover and more productivity because we ensure our Veterans and their Family members are a good fit for your organization. As a bonus, your company will have the opportunity to participate and benefit from a vacation at the Vine and Branch Ranch (NFP).

Video Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Allen coming soon.



Background / Credit Checks

Vine & Branch realizes that making a poor hire is costly and for that reason, businesses are provided with l complete criminal background and credit checks of Veteran Partners before placement.. Hiring Managers and Business owners, can rest assured that Vine and Branch Career Solutions (LLC) will provide the most qualified applicants to from which to choose.